Which Server Is Best? : The Hive VS Hypixel’s Server

6 Jul

There are Minecraft servers, all around the world. More than 500 online multiplayer  servers are online right now. Two of my favorite Minecraft servers that stand out the most are: The Hive and Hypixel’s Server. Below, you guys will see a description of each server and you guys will have to decide and vote on which server is best and the one you will for sure play on! The IP’s to the servers will be down below if you would like to play on these servers.


The Hive: ”The Hive is a place to play fun Minecraft gametypes in one place!” Games like Survival Games, Trouble In Mineville, and Herobrine make The Hive the best server on earth!

Hive IP: HiveMC.eu


Hypixel’s Server: Hypixel’s Server is a server where fun is awesome, the server includes mini-games like The Walls, Paintball, Survival Games and much more! The server is free and expensive doesn’t exists on this server!

IP: mc.hypixel.net

Voting ends on July 9 2013!




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